Golden Super Cruise – Society6

We went to the Golden Super Cruise last night.  the Gremlin isn’t finished getting paint so no cruising for us.  Saw some familiar faces and cars.  It was hot so we ended our night with frozen slushies at Sonic.  The sun was shining pretty bright casting shadows, so I didn’t get as many shots in as I normally would. A clever wife takes a hobby her husband loves and makes it into something of her own.  In my case my automobile photography.  Emblem art is what I call it. You can see my whole collection here – Automobiles in Art
These are some of the best shots of the night available They are available on Twenty20 as well as Society6.
I love how these pillow turned out on Society6!  Great decor for the man cave!  
This shirt turned out pretty neat too!

 This bike was awesome.  Look at all the details!

I love this car. Reminds me of who? James Bond! I bet that is fun to drive in the mountains.