Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market


They actually call it Fresh Market.  Maybe that is because of the high price of their items?  This “fresh market” isn’t like the farmer’s markets back home in Ohio.  That doesn’t mean they are not as cool though.  I am all about supporting local and I have and will pay top dollar for items made right here in my town, my state and my country.  But, if you are looking for a bargain it won’t be at Cherry Creek!  What I love about it is a chance to find really good crops, plants, a nice cup of coffee and peruse about the booths and learn, sample and pet some cute puppies!  If you go here are some things to learn.  Get there early! Parking is free till it gets full.  If you attempt to park in the mall lot you will be charged.  I think it is $3 right now.  My second recommendation is sample everything!! Don’t feel pressured to buy.  Get what you liked and come back next weekend for something different.  You have to TRY though.  Get breakfast: If you can eat gluten, get the gooey cinnamon rolls and a latte.   I knew I wanted the gluten free millet bread from Brother’s Bakery to take home.  So, instead of pastries I had eggs on a salad from the Gyro booth Nickie’s Quicky.    If you see the Lazy Bee Ranch stand, you need to get their cinnamon whipped honey.  Ours is almost gone and it hasn’t even been a week!  The Go Grass fed van was there and it was so cute.  If you share on social media they’ll give you a baby bottle.  No kids? Give it as a gift.   Grass Fed is worth sharing.  Surprisingly they are from New Zealand.  Pretty much the only place you can get NON GMO milk.  Now, isn’t that sad?  If you follow me on Facebook, you know I am a big foe of big pharma and Monsanto.


The farmer’s market wouldn’t feel complete without wearing a cute pair of overalls, now would it?
These pair are by Lovers + Friends LA

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