Audubon Nature Trail

This was one of my favorite trails for nature viewing and birding.  The Audubon Society of Denver manages these trails and track migrating birds here.  The perfect time to go is late spring and early summer when you get to hear and see many species of birds and waterfowl.  You will also probably see turtles, lizards and even rattlesnakes so listen and look at every step.  The location of this trail is just south of Chatfield Reservoir. On C470 take south the Wadsworth Blvd exit and follow till Waterton Road and make a left (if you don’t you’ll be right at Lockheed Martin, so you’ll know if you screwed up.) lol  There are two parking lots right next to each other right as you turn on Waterton.  Off street parking is allowed and if you get there after 11 am on the weekend, you’ll probably have to find a spot.  Make sure you pack your binoculars and zoom lens if you have one!!

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