Denver Botanic Gardens & Sculpture Alexander Calder

As you can probably tell by my instagram account, I pretty much LOVE flowers.   If you LOVE them too, then you have to check out the Denver Botanic Gardens.    This year they are featuring sculptures by Alexander Calder.  Last year I attempted to do the FREE days, which is once a month.  This year I bought myself a membership.  Something I really recommend to photographers.  On the free day, the volunteers are out so you don’t get unobstructed views and there are way too many people for my liking.  I still recommend getting there early no matter what day, but having a membership allows me to go any day and I go back almost every two weeks.  You would be amazed the huge variety of plants and how they bloom at different times – giving you a practically new experience every time!  I for one, never tire of going there!!!!


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