Interior Design Project in Observatory Park


Panoramic View

Okay I am so LAME at blogging.  I realized I only shared a SNEAK PEAK of the Interior Design project from last year on my blog.  Seems I am not that good at this blogging thing.  I guess I can’t expect to do any better than I did writing a diary as a teen.  I wasn’t good at that either!

This design project was a 1.7M project in the Observatory Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.   Actually one of the largest projects I ever designed for one residence.  That was very fun because I got a bigger budget for the important things like lighting, cabinets, tile and fixtures.  That means better everything!!   It would of been nice to stage the home for pictures., but the project went under contract before it was finished (which is always a great thing.)

Next up for 2017/18 are 3 more big projects.  Probably will all come together at the same time, so I will be extremely busy all at once this fall/winter. Stay tuned.

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