Golden Super Cruise

If you are a car enthusiast, like me, the Golden Super Cruise is the place to be on the first Saturday of the month (May-Aug) here in the Denver area.  Custom cars of all sorts park in business/retail parking lots along South Golden Road.   Each time we go, we park our custom renovated Gremlin in the west section of the King Soopers parking lot right behind Sonic Drive Thru.    Then we find a place we’d like to have a cocktail and/or early dinner.  There are plenty of places along the strip.  We’ve had Dickey’sBBQ,  Halu Sushi, and Tequilla’s Mexican.   They also have a Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, Pho Chinese, and Pizza Hut.   So, chances are you’ll find what you’re craving are pretty high.  After we eat we walk the strip and check out all the cars and friendly people.  Before we leave we drive the strip once or twice, then head out.  It’s fun owning a rare car, like the Gremlin.  It’s definitely a conversation piece and people are always amazed to see one.

Limited edition signed prints are available for my car photography.  Send me a note if you are interested.  You can also download digital versions and purchase licenses on Twenty20.  Framed prints of my work and other products will soon be posted to my shop on Society6.  If it’s not listed yet, send me a message.  You can also follow me ot car_dame