Roxborough State Park

This is the second time I have hiked Roxborough State Park.  There are plenty of trails to last more than a day, so I would recommend going during different seasons.  Get your park pass here.

The fall is also spectacular there as well!  Timing it right is key!  My favorite trail is the  Fountain Valley.  Stop at the Fountain Valley overlook then continue on your way around the old homestead and up the Lyon’s overlook.  Both are a MUST see if you go here!!!  We wanted to get more than 4 miles, so we ended out trip up the most difficult trail Carpenters Peak.  It’s really not that bad, however not much shade so if it is hot…there is not much relief.  The views from that trail will give you panoramic of the Eastern plains and you’ll be able to see the Denver Skyline.  My suggestions for a good hike – get yourself a park pass.  Roxborough is a State Park.  If you like hiking or nature walks you NEED a pass!  This will also encourage you to visit some of the 42 state parks in lovely Colorado!  Also get there early!   We typically like to arrive by 9am.  After that the crowds get bigger, parking is harder and there may even be a line.  Get there early enough the wildlife may still be out enjoying the morning.  Bring lots of water!  When it is Sunny and hot, ice water is the best.  We usually pack two large bottles in a backpack.    If you are older and have knee or hip problems bring some walking sticks.  You’d be amazed how much pressure this can take off your walk.  It also may help you add more miles to your hike.  Wear the right gear.  I hike in nothing but Northface gear.  Why? Cuz I like it.  Breathable material is recommended and comfortable hiking shoes.  If you haven’t worn yours in, work yourself up to more miles and wear thin socks.  Always wear or bring a hat.  I prefer the hiking hats by Northface because they have a strap so I can keep it on during windy conditions.  The wide rim also is great for sun exposure.  Always wear sunscreen.  I use only Arbonne products because they are free of parabens, gluten, fragrance and hole bunch of other nasty stuff I don’t want on my skin.  If you will be out on a hot day more than an hour, you might want to bring it along and reapply because sweating is pretty much guaranteed.

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