Modern Contemporary Interior Design Project

Well hello blogger friends.  I know, it has been about 6 months since I have updated anything on this site.  I have been doing a lot of art this winter and organizing lots of my photo’s.  I have been meaning to share some trips from last year as well as some design projects I worked on.  So, finally here I am…sharing a pretty big project (about 5k sq ft) The price on this home is around 1.3M  Mostly because it’s in a desirable area.   It was fun picking out design elements for this home as I tried to keep it mostly modern contemporary.  The kitchen is something way different that I have normally done.  So, we will see how people like it.  What do you think? I seriously could fit in that mega fridge!!  I decided on a sparkly backsplash for the kitchen, however it was not installed when I took these photos.  I will definitely have to post those too as I am excited to see the finished product.    Next up is a contemporary farmhouse that should be finished within a couple months.