Terry’s Vintage Nash Museum

I wanted to share a trip we took to a very cool vintage auto museum just outside Denver.   Terry’s private museum is located in the black hills of Colorado.  Nestled in the woods are acres of vintage cars, a vintage gas station, a vintage apartment right out of the 50’s including appliances and decor.  Jerry went all out decorating his showrooms with mannequins suitable for the time period.  There is so much to see at this fabulous place!  Here is what Terry writes on his website about his collection:

“I started about 12 years ago with my Dad’s 54 Ambassador. I pulled it out of a field where it sat rusting away for 18 years. It took 3 years to get it back on the road but once I drove it I was hooked and wanted more! I have about 360 cars mostly Nash, Rambler & AMC but do have a few X brand cars. I like all cars but do favor the Nash & AMC most. I had the garage built 9 years ago to hold the 30 cars I had at the time. I started opening the garage to our local Metropolitan club for a club picnic. Many of the Met people are also in other clubs so the news traveled fast about the garage being a cool place to gather for club events. Last summer I hosted 18 clubs! The Met club was here for the 8th time this summer and will be back in 2003. I do not open the museum to the general public but car people are always welcome to visit. Feel free to e-mail or call anytime.–Terry, 303-646-9063”  Want to plan a visit click here or go to Terry’s website http://www.pnwnash.org/museum/