Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market

  They actually call it Fresh Market.  Maybe that is because of the high price of their items?  This “fresh market” isn’t like the farmer’s markets back home in Ohio.  That doesn’t mean they are not as cool though.  I am all about supporting local and I have and will pay top dollar for items […]

Paulino Gardens

It seems like a new tradition my husband and I have going to Paulino Gardens on Mother’s Day.  Every year they send out their gift cards for $20 off a purchase of $75 or more.  And it sure does draw a crowd!  I could probably drop thousands of dollars in this store.  Everything is so […]

Nature Photography

 My new Tamron 600 zoom lens is awesome for capturing great bird shots.  It weighs about 6lbs with  my camera, so it takes getting used to holding.  I don’t usually use a tripod during long hikes because it just gets in the way, especially when you have hiking poles and other gear.  If you love […]

Hiking in Colorado

Colorado is one of the best states for hiking trips and living only 20 minutes from the foothills makes it great for some quick day hikes.  My favorite is Indian Peaks Wilderness because it’s a short drive on backroads making it only 55 minutes to get to and you can get up to 13k feet […]

Blume Dame

Blume  – the French word for flower.   Dame – the female equivalent to a knight.     I added just one more IG page to my collection.  Seeing how I am obsessed with flowers and cars it just made sense to create their own pages.   Cars and Flowers is that kind of like […]